Grizzly GR6 Caliper

  Caliper Features

  • Large format Mono-block design
  • Fully machined out of   Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Staggered castellated pistons
  • Bolt in bridge (allows for top loaded pads)
  • Radial mount design
  • Dust and Weather seals
With todays modern performance vehicles being equipped with bigger, and better brakes Baer's answer is the all new GR6 (Grizzly) brake system. The Grizzly is the next generation in Baer's line up and features a large format mono-block caliper and is the largest caliper built by Baer to date.
With the use of FEA analysis, additional machining and pocketing is done to the GR6, making it only slightly heavier than the current 6S caliper design. In raw caliper form the GR6 is 2 lbs heavier than the current Baer 6S (Extreme+) caliper.


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