Extreme 6S Caliper

  Caliper Features

  • The only forged 6-piston   offered to the road-going and street market!
  • 6S calipers are proudly built in Phoenix, AZ from US sourced material. Made in the USA!
  • 6-piston, radial mount, 1-piece forged mono block caliper
  • Stainless steel pistons, abutments and noise suppression springs
  • Staggered piston sizes to minimize uneven pad wear
  • Dual seals (dust/weather and pressure) to meet  D.O.T specifications
  • Available in 14" and 15" rotor diameters (2-piece rotors)
  • Standard in Red, Black or Silver Powder Coat finish (custom colors available)
  • Uses the common DR11 race   pad backing plate shared by many other competition calipers
  • Available in Front or Rear for that same cosmetic matching look
  • Rear systems incorporate a   drum in hat park brake
  • Rear systems for c-clip style axles include Baer’s Verislide   self centering brackets


The Extreme+ is Baer’s flagship offering, featuring a forged monoblock caliper that is mounted to a 14” or 15” 2-piece rotor. The Extreme+ employs current state of the art race technology usually only found in very expensive race calipers, and Baer now brings that technology to the road going/ street market. The 6S line represents Baer’s most aggressive road offering and is suitable for virtually any level of track use. If you are looking for the best of the best and want to put our biggest offering on your car, this is it! Extreme+ rears are also available for that exact same looking brake front and rear (a Baer exclusive)!

Don’t be fooled by competitors that claim a 6-piston rear caliper is too much brake. Since Baer builds all its own calipers, we can spec the rear piston sizes to function properly while also allowing the use of a standard 2 port firewall-mounted master cylinder. In c-clip applications, Baer’s patent pending Verislide self-centering brackets provide the only proper engineering solution to mounting opposed piston calipers on “c-clip” bearing-in-housing style axles. We also stagger the rear piston size (like the front) to correctly minimize pad taper issues.

If you like the Extreme+ 2-piece look, but don’t have the budget to purchase a Extreme+ rear, look at our Pro+ or even our SS4+ rear options. These are cost effective, cosmetically matching rear options as well!

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