to create a new master of, especially by altering or enhancing the quality of an older design.

“all other master cylinders pale in comparision to the Remaster"


The ReMaster is a direct-replacement for other master cylinders, and is available with Ford, GM and Mopar bolt patterns. It has either a 15/16”, 1” or 1 1/8” bore, providing an optimum balance between pressure and volume for great braking performance with reasonable brake-pedal effort for most street and performance braking systems.





Baer Inc. has expanded its line of performance brake products with the introduction of the Remaster: a fully machined billet aluminum master cylinder unlike any other available today. Baer engineered the Remaster with a compact design to make fitment easier in a variety of applications.
Baer is renowned for its performance braking systems, and the company applied the same engineering expertise to the Remaster. The engineering team started with a blank sheet of paper to develop a master cylinder that solves fitment and performance issues faced by builders of street-driven performance cars and race vehicles alike.



  Adjustable bolt-on proportioning valve available with and without Baer billet adjustable proportioning valve. An integrated mount for a Baer billet adjustable proportioning valve is machined into the bottom of the master cylinder.
  Available with hardlines for standard block proportioning valve & ReMaster specific block proportioning valve




The short side of this gauge will go on the Master Cylinder flange, and you will adjust the rod to slide into the master cylinder. You then will take the long side of the gauge and check it against your booster.  Measure the gap between the rod on the booster and the gauge to get your distance.This gauge is designed to make checking your push rod length easy, and accurate

 Brake Systems Introduces the “Remaster”Maste