Tracker Full Floater

Baer Brakes TRACKER Full Floating Axle Conversion System is purchased as an upgrade to a variety of our brake systems. When the tracker is purchased it does not include any brake parts, just the parts needed for the floater conversion.

Though we didn't invent the floater, we were the first to refine it for Pro-Touring market. Ours is built completely from the ground up for street cars, and is 100% USA built.
Traditional flanged-axles employ a single axle-bearing and together they support the weight of the vehicle, when cornering the flanged-axle is levered by lateral forces. Axle deflection, "bowing" or "bending" occurs as lateral forces rise with cornering speeds.
"Knock Back" results when the axle flange and the brake rotor to which it is attached deflect causing the rotor to "knock" the pad "back" displacing brake fluid in the caliper piston(s). The driver must then "pump the pedal" to move fluid back into the caliper and re-establish a firm brake pedal.
  • Much narrower footprint than traditional floater designs.
  • Smaller register to fit street type wheels.
  • Standard car patterns (5x4.75 and 5x4.5).
  • FIRST EVER floater to incorporate park brake!
  • Fully ABS compatible for Ford and GM configurations.
  • Drive plates built by Speedway Engineering specifically for Baer that uses a 24 spline arrangement based off the NASCAR specs. Our 24 spline drive plate is .050 larger than a standard 35 spline axle!
  • ARP 1/2 x 20 race studs.
  • Dramatically improved handling through predictable and consistent brake pedal height and tire contact patch.
  • Longer service intervals on rotational parts, bearings and axles.
  • First floating axle conversion with fully integrated park brake assembly (1-piece shoe design has 35% greater break-away-torque than conventional 2-piece shoe configurations).
  • Design is fully ABS compatible.
When converting to the full floater, an additional .640 will need to be removed from the axle tube in order to maintain wheel location.
The Floater snout has a flange machined into it to allow any of the above systems with late model Big Ford ends (Torino) to bolt right to the snout. Once the snout is installed this is a complete bolt on! You do not need to weld any brake brackets on the rear end! If you have an existing brake system with a backing plate other than Torino, new plates will need to be ordered.
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Baer Tracker installation requires professional level fabrication skills and equipment.

They are sold direct to racers or through qualified value added installer/distributors and are not available through warehouses.

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