XTR Caliper

Caliper Features

  • Bolt in bridge or quick-change pad retainer
  • Stainless crossover pipe
  • Two-piece pistons with aluminum body and stainless steel caps (optional titanium caps available)
  • Internal dust/weather seals
  • Popular pad shape for wide variety of pad compounds
  • Can be mounted leading or trailing
  • Stainless inserts to prevent mushrooming of stud mounting holes
  • Modeled using state of the art FEA software
The XTR caliper is machined out of a single piece, 2618 Aluminum forging, that employs the latest state of the art technology usually only found in very expensive race calipers. Using the latest ANSYS FEA software, as well as extensive on road and track testing, Baer was able to design the XTR to be extremely rigid, yet light weight. Standard features on the XTR caliper include both a bolt in bridge and quick pad change clip option, 2-piece pistons with aluminum body with stainless-steel caps and internal dust/weather seals. Baer also staggers the piston sizes to minimize pad tapper. The XTR can be mounted in either a leading or trailing position and with a wide variety of piston sizes available the XTR can be used both front and rear applications. On rear applications with c-clip axles, Baer’s patent pending Verislide self-centering brackets provide the only proper engineering solution to mounting opposed piston calipers designed to eliminate piston knock back. The XTR calipers are available for individual sale, as well as an upgrade to all Baer 14” or 15” Extreme/Extreme+ systems.
The R-Spec rotor is a proprietary casting done to Baer’s specifications from a foundry in Europe known for casting some of the highest quality cast iron race rotors. This project was in development for almost 2 years with the end goal of building a purpose built, race rotor that was lighter than our current offerings (3 lb savings per rotor) yet offered a substantial improvement in rotor life. The R-Spec rotors come in a slot only finish and are available as an upgrade to any of our 14” Extreme+ systems and feature a unique hat (this is a floating rotor).