R-Spec 6R Caliper

  Caliper Features

L6R has all the standard key features of the 6S, with these added benefits:

  • Standard in a Nickel finish
  • Additional machining for added weight savings (just over a 1lb per caliper)
  • Machined top for quick access     to pads (quick pad changes)
  • Notched stainless pistons
The R-Spec rotor is a proprietary casting done to Baer’s specifications from a foundry in Europe. This project has been in development for almost 2 years, as the goal was to build a purpose built, race rotor that was lighter than our current offerings (3 lb savings per rotor) yet offer a substantial improvement in rotor life. This foundry is known for casting some of the highest quality cast iron race rotors. The R-Spec rotors will be available as an upgrade to any of our Extreme+ systems, and feature a unique hat (this is a floating rotor).

The upgrade will be available for any of our Extreme+ systems, as well as the Baer Tracker Floater rear-end conversion. The R-Spec rotors will come in a slot only finish.

The R-Spec 6R caliper is a race version of the popular 6S caliper. This is built out of 2618 Forged aluminum that is US sourced, and is proudly Made in the USA.

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