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The Baer Difference

Baer, Inc is a leader in the performance brake industry that challenges the status quo by focusing on engineering design and innovative technology that delivers complete and detail-oriented solutions to our consumers. Below are just a few examples of ways we continue to push modern brake technology forward and set ourselves apart from the market.
For over 20 years Baer, Inc. has been pushing the boundaries of modern performance brake technology. Through engineering design, innovation, and an unwavering passion to bring the most complete solutions to their customers Baer Brakes has cemented it's legacy among the great automotive aftermarket manufacturers.
All of Baer’s products feature material sourced from the USA. Our products are also machined in house and the fit and finish of our products are completed in our warehouse as well, all in Phoenix, AZ.

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We pride ourselves on delivering complete and detail-oriented performance brake solutions to our consumers. We do not cut any corners. To give an example of this, we assemble the hubs prior to sending them to you; installing all the bearings and races, packing them with Redline synthetic grease. When we send you your brake system everything is already installed, all you have to do is bolt it onto the control arms.
The brake system by design is a large heatsink. The better, and more accurately it can dissipate heat, the better the brake will perform. All Baer calipers are machined out of extruded or forged aluminum and are 100% manufactured in house (not partially machined, or just finished). USA built right here in Phoenix AZ.

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All of the calipers manufactured by Baer feature stainless steel abutment and anti-rattle (spring tension) clips. These provide protection (a wear surface) for the  caliper so over time the pad  backing plate does not damage the caliper body. The spring tension clips keep pressure on the pad so any pad movement is limited and does not create noise. Because Baer realizes you may want to show your car off on the streets as well as the track, we install correct weather and dust seals to meet DOT specifications. This helps to keep dirt and dust from the brake pads from building up in the caliper pistons keeping them clean and working effectively.
All of Baer’s calipers feature banjo fittings; pipe thread fittings are never used. This is a much cleaner and correct way to connect a hose to a brake caliper. Banjo fittings were designed for high pressure hydraulic fluid transfer applications and are common on OE cars for brake, fuel and oil fittings. All of Baer’s systems feature directionally vaned (curved vane) rotors. A curved vane has a couple of key benefits. By design the curved vane is longer which adds more stability and mass to the rotor. Most important, a curved vane rotor acts like a centrifugal pump when rotating, pulling air into the center (eye) of the rotor and pumping it out the outer edges.
Additionally, all of our high performance rotors are slotted, drilled, and zinc-plated creating a radiant work of art behind the wheels.
Baer is the only aftermarket brake manufacturer to offer the same aesthetic look for the front and rear of your vehicle. Traditionally the rear requires less brake to keep the car balanced, therefore the rear brake systems are usually smaller. However, we actually use smaller piston sizes in the rear end calipers allowing us to offer matching front and rear systems for that killer eye popping appearance!
High grade, quality certified hardware (grade 8 or better) sourced from the USA is used throughout all of our components and all of our 2-piece rotor hats use captured nuts (we never screw directly into aluminum). These fine thread stainless (U286) NAS (National Aerospace Standard) fasteners are the same pieces used to bolt formula one cars and airplanes together! The Banksia park brake is regarded as one of the most advanced developments in car braking systems and its performance capabilities makes it an essential component of Baer rear brake systems. The Banksia is a more refined and extremely simple design of the drum in hat model, with just nine parts compared to the thirty in the conventional park brake. Furthermore, the backing plates (also acting as the caliper mount) are machined in house using 6061-T6 aluminum and are purpose built specific per application. Baer’s proprietary Verislide technology is revolutionary in the aftermarket brake industry. These self centering brackets comes standard on Baer’s Pro and Extreme rear systems for c-clip axles, and allow the caliper to move with the axle as your turn keeping it centered over the rotor. This incredible engineering accomplishment greatly increases brake performance while turning.
At Baer, when you order a system that requires spindle modification we actually make the modifications in house with a CNC machine and include the modified spindle in your order. Saving the customer from having to do this themselves in only one of the advantages, by cutting with a CNC machine we ensure precise conversions are made eliminating the risk of misalignment occurring.
Occasionally installing aftermarket brake system require modification of the stock spindle. These mods can include having to cut, grind, drill, and tap the spindle in order to make it compliant with the aftermarket system, and most brake manufacturers leave this harrowing task to the customer.
We offer countless custom color caliper finishes to match your vehicle perfectly, and all powder coating is done in house in Phoenix, AZ. Standard finishes come in red, black, and silver but we offer much, much more. Refer to the caliper tab for just a few of the custom colors we offer. In addition to caliper colors, we also offer custom machined logos on the caliper. Whether you’re looking to put your business logo or maybe just the name of your car we got you covered! Please ask one of our technical sales specialists for more information.
At Baer, we take pride in our industry leading customer service. With over 100 combined years of automotive and racing experience, the Baer team is there to guide our customers through the entire journey of upgrading to Baer. From ordering a set of replacement pads and rotors, to putting together a complete brake system order, to in depth technical help diagnosing a brake issue, Baer
provides the industry’s top rated technical support. At Baer, our people are just as outstanding as the products we provide and we love working with our customers, serving the automotive aftermarket!

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