13" X .810", 12 on 8.50" BC
Slot/Drilled/Zinc Finish Slot Only Finish Plain Finish

13" X .810", 12 on 8.50" BC

13" x .810" replacement rotor ring used in most 13" SS4+ rear and other Baer systems. 

Diameter: 13"
Thickness: .810"
Bolt Circle: 12 on 8.5"
Available Finishes: Slot/Drilled/Zinc, Slot only or Plain
Use this chart to determine the correct part number needed, then select part number and quantity below to order:
Rotor Position, Finish - Part Number: 
Left, Slot/Drilled/Zinc - 6910922
Left, Slot Only- 6910919
Left, Plain - 6910917 
Right, Slot/Drilled/Zinc - 6920922
Right, Slot Only - 6920919
Right, Plain - 6920917 
Notes: These rotors are directional and specific to the left or right side of the vehicle. Rotor hat is reusable and hardware can generally be used 2 or 3 times before replacing, replacement hardware is available below. If you are unsure on what rotor you need, please contact our sales department for assistance. Rotors sold individually. Hardware is sold per rotor.

Our price: $162.50



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