Adjustable Remaster Prop Valve

Adjustable Remaster Prop Valve

Baer Brake Systems continues to elevate the Remaster product range by introducing the new Baer Remaster specific adjustable proportioning valve. This valve is machined to mount to the underside of the Remaster and bolts directly to the Remaster flange. This is available in left and right port configuration with in/out ports for the rear which the valve controls as well as a pass through for the front to make plumbing simple and clean.
Just like the Remaster this valve offers removable seats, and can be used with inverted flare fittings, as well as banjo fittings. The valve includes all seats as well as 3/8” x 24 tube nuts. Available in black, grey, or polished finishes and left or right port configuration to match the Remaster. 
Optional Baer Remaster to Remaster specific proportioning valve hard lines are also available below. Note - line kit varies depending on size of Remaster, select accordingly when ordering.
Valve Specifications:
Fitting size: 3/8-24
Fitting type: Inverted Flare or Banjo

Our price: $125.00


Why Purchase the Baer Prop Valve?

  • Complete with all fittings
  • Inverted flare fittings (no pipe thread)
  • Bracket available to make mouting easy
  • Works with any brake system
  • Made in the USA
  • Laser etched body
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