SS4 Caliper

  Caliper Features

  • 4-piston, lug mount, 2-piece billet aluminum construction
  • S4 calipers are proudly built in Phoenix, Az from US sourced material. Made in the USA!
  • Utilizes 4 cross bolts for maximum stiffness
  • Features aluminum hard anodized pistons, and stainless abutments
  • Dual seals (dust/weather and pressure) to meet D.O.T specifications
  • Standard finish is Red, Black or Silver Powder Coat (custom colors available)
  • Front systems feature an 11” directionally vaned 2-piece    rotor and fit most 15” wheels
  • Rear 13” features a drum in      hat park brake with full billet backing plate
  • Rear 11” will match the front SS4+ and is our smallest rear offering (no park brake)
The SS4+ front system features all the benefits of our larger brake systems, just in a smaller package to fit 15” wheels. This is a perfect system for the customer looking to retain a factory type 15” wheel, or the enthusiast that wants to have a larger wheel with the option to go back to that stock look. Can be used with a stock drum brake rear, or matched with one of our rear offerings. If park brake is not a concern, for a number of the fixed bearing rear ends (NON c-clip), Ford 9”, 10/12 bolt with a 3.150 bearing a SS4+ 11” rear is an option that will cosmetically match the front.

If you are looking for a park brake check out the SS4 rear, this features a 12” 1-piece rotor (larger and 1-piece due to a drum in hat park brake).

The SS4+ 13” rear is a great option for a customer looking at the Pro+ front, or Extreme+ front that doesn’t need or want that big of a brake on the rear. The SS4+ 13” features a 13” 2pc rotor with a drum-in-hat park brake.

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