2018 Product Overview

At Baer we pride ourselves on building world class brake systems for a wide variety of applications and uses. Like most companies we have a large array of products and one of the most common questions we get is “what is right for me?” All Baer calipers are machined out of extruded or forged aluminum and are 100% manufactured in house (not partially machined, or just finished) USA built right here in Phoenix AZ!
Baer offers a wide variety of brake systems. You will find an overview of our brake system products to assist you in choosing which system is right for your needs.
Machined out of one solid piece of 2618 aluminum for the ultimate in rigidity, and weight reduction.
Available as individual calipers, or as an upgrade to any Extreme+ brake System.
The XTR is Baer’s flagship offering, featuring a forged monoblock caliper that is mounted to a 14” or 15” 2-piece rotor. It employs current state of the art race technology usually only found in very expensive race calipers, and Baer brings the same technology to the road going/ street market.
  • Bolt in bridge or quick change pad retainer
  • Stainless crossover pipe
  • Optional titanium piston cap
  • Two piece pistons with aluminum main body and standard stainless cap
  • Knockback springs
  • Internal dust/weather seal
  • Popular pad shape available in variety of compounds from street to full race
  • Coarse thread high tolerance bleeder
  • Wide range of piston sizes
  • Can be easily used as trailing or leading mounting
  • Modeled with latest FEA software
  • Top and bottom stainless stud inserts prevent mushrooming of stud holes
  • Available in hard coat, electroless nickel or other custom finishes
The Extreme+ is Baer’s first monoblock system offering, and features a 6-piston monoblock caliper mounted to a 14” or 15” 2-piece rotor.  Our Extreme is the same basic system, but feature a 1-piece rotor.  In many cases both systems allow for rears also that will completely cosmetically match for that balanced look.

With todays modern performance vehicles being equipped with bigger, and better brakes Baer's answer is the all new GR6 (Grizzly) brake system. The Grizzly is the next generation in Baer's line up and features a large format mono-block caliper and is the largest caliper built by Baer to date.
The Pro+ is Baer’s best-selling brake system! The front kits include a 6-piston caliper an a 13” or 14” diameter 2-piece rotor. Our Pro system is identical to the Pro+ except that it includes a 1-piece rotor instead of a 2-piece. Both systems will allow you to have the exact same looking brake front and rear!
The SS4+ 13” rear system features all the benefits of our larger brake systems, just in a smaller package.

The Track4 replaces the Track 2-piston system that we offered for years with the PBR based calipers. The Track4 is only available with 13” 1-piece rotors and is a great brake upgrade for customers looking to fill their 17” wheels, and update their car to a modern brake.
The SS4 12” is the rear brake system designed to be used with the Track4 front. Featuring the SS4 caliper mounted to a 12” rotor and has a banksia (drum in hat) park brake assembly.
The SS4+ 11” front system features all the benefits of our larger brake systems, just in a smaller package to fit 15” wheels. This is a perfect system for the customer looking to retain a factory type 15” wheel, or the enthusiast that wants to have a larger wheel with the option to go back to that stock look.

Can be used with a stock drum brake rear, or matched with one of our rear offerings. If park brake is not a concern, for a number of the fixed bearing rear ends (NON C-clip), Ford 9”, 10/12 bolt with a 3.150 bearing a SS4+ 11” rear is an option that will cosmetically match the front.
Baer has designed these kits to safely and repeatedly stop the fastest and heaviest door slammers. Our design goal is to deliver an end product that provides the greatest value for the dollar in the market.

Baer's 11" rotors are small enough in OD to fit 15" bead lock wheels. The 1.00" curved directional design is stout enough to stand repeated pounding. Dual caliper "Staging" packages have been designed, tested and proven to lock tight with 2,000+ hp turbo motors. Unsure what you need, the rear bracket is the same in either kit, so upgrade from single to dual is not just easy, it's clean!
Baer Brakes Tracker Full Floating Axle Conversion System is purchased as an upgrade to a variety of our brake systems. Though we didn't invent the floater, we were the first to refine it for Pro-Touring market. Ours is built completely from the ground up for street cars, and is 100% USA built. When the tracker is purchased it does not include any brake parts, just the parts needed for the floater conversion.
Baer has redeveloped its Eradispeed line of premium performance rotors. Featuring slotted, cross-drilled, zinc-coated and directionally vaned units that are purpose-cast with quality iron materials for performance far beyond the factory units they replace. Furthermore, Eradispeed´s curve-vaned design provides greater airflow and heat dissipation.

Features & Benefits of All Rotors:

| Directionally curved vanes
| Increased mass in the “firepath”
| Direct bolt on system
| Simple installation, no bleeding of the brakes required


Ever increasing wheel diameters and open spoke designs have made brakes an integral part of vehicle styling and Baer's Sport offer the state-of-the-art performance solution.
Premium direct replacement rotors with cross-drilled, slotted and zinc plated surfaces, that deliver brilliant appearance and performance. The highest-friction ceramic pad available today with features that deliver the best balance between maximum performance and road-going civility.
  Baer Inc. has expanded its line of performance brake products with the introduction of the Remaster: a fully machined billet aluminum master cylinder unlike any other available today. Baer engineered the Remaster with a compact design to make fitment easier in a variety of applications.


The Baer adjustable proportioning valve is recommended on rear drum to disc conversions, on vehicles that do not have ABS. It comes complete with all fittings valve and can we used with any disc brake conversions. The Baer wheel spacer is a great tool to get a desired brake system to fit inside a wheel. They are fully machined in house from US sourced 6061-T6 aluminum and are available in a wide variety of bolt patterns and sizes. The Baer “Trackers” feature a fully machined sleeve that is mated to a Teflon lined heim joint and machined pin which has correct taper so spindles are not required to be drilled/modified to help correct bump steer issues.




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